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Spells: WaterFocus

Water focus (Sn: 529) (Spell)

Help Elemental Focus

Syntax: cast 'elemental focus' [air|earth|fire|water]
Spell Number: 526

Budding Elementalists learn the ability to align themselves with one of the
elements quite early in their studies. While attuned to one of the elements,
all damage based on that element-- whether from spells or weapons-- will be
increased. It should be noted, however, that the elements are fickle, and a
mage may only be aligned to one at a time.

When casting the spell, if no element is chosen the last element invoked is

Elemental Focus does not benefit from the duration wish.

Spell available only to the Elementalist Mage Subclass.

Primary Stat: Intelligence


 Mage                Level : 20


NOTE: Subclass Only: Elementalist
This spell can not be cast from an object.

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