Unholy Preference

Help Unholy Preference

Syntax: None - this ability will be used automatically once practiced.

Often labelled the evil Priests or Priests who "lost their way", Harmers 
are still following what they perceive to be the will of the gods even if
their path is somewhat different from the traditional Priest.

When a Harmer encounters a target using Protection from Evil, the gods will
give the Harmer the benefit of the doubt and not grant protection to that

The only exceptions to this Unholy Preference are when the target is also
a Harmer or the caster is using Desecration - the gods do not approve of
desecration and will not give preference to a follower using that magic.

There is no syntax for this ability - once practiced it will be checked
every time you do damage against a target and success rate is based only
on percent practiced.