Help Translocate

Syntax: cast translocate
Spell Number: 409

This spell takes you from your current location to a random location 
somewhere in the current area. Sometimes it will take you somewhere nice,
other times it will take you to a room full of very angry monsters waiting to 
rip your head off! The risk is entirely yours....

Translocate is similar to, but not exactly like the teleport spell. Translocate transports the caster to a random room in the same area that the caster is in - excluding rooms with the norecall or nosummon flags. It is extremely useful and convenient in bypassing swaths of rooms in order to reach a quest, campaign, or gquest mob.

Examples of good areas to translocate in are:
Fabled City of Stone
Temple of Zyian (two translocatable rooms are past the doors)
The Temple of Shal'indrael
Dread Tower

This spell is gained at the following levels:

Categories: Movement
Classes: Cleric, Psionicist