Tortured Vision

Tortured Vision (Sn: 588) (Skill)

Help Tortured Vision

Syntax: cast 'tortured vision' <target>
Spell Number: 588

By projection of haunting images of torture that temporarily drive the
target insane, a skilled Avenger is able to strike terror into their
enemies without ever actually touching them. The effect of this tortured
vision is that the victim's intelligence will decrease steadily as the
power of these visions increase.

Duration (and therefore strength) of this affect is based on intelligence
and constitution. The recovery time is also based on constitution and
intelligence. Failure has no lag so other skills can immediately be 
retried, but does have a very small cooldown.

Spell available only to the Avenger Paladin Subclass.

Primary Stat: Intelligence, Constitution


Paladin Level : 148


Subclass Only: Inquisitor