Help Summon

Syntax: cast summon <character>
Spell Number: 77

This spell summons a player from anywhere else in the world into your
room. Characters who are fighting may not be summoned.  You also cannot 
summon while on a quest or campaign.

By default, you are not summonable.  You must type '
nosummon' to toggle the
ability to be summoned.  Once summoned, you will again be immune to summon,
until you type 'nosummon' yet again.  To disable this safety feature, type

The spell only works on other players.  Mobs can not be summoned.

See also:
Gate, Nexus, Portal, Vortex, Teleport, Translocate

Categories: Movement, Other
Classes: Cleric

Galaban June 10, 2006, at 09:51 AM EST