Strike Undead

Strike Undead (Sn: 550) (Spell)

Help Strike Undead

Syntax:  cast 'strike undead' <target>
Spell Number: 550
Damage: depends, see below

Young Necromancers get training in the ways of undeath, and learn how to
exploit their weaknesses in an attempt to return them to the realm they 
came from.

When cast on undead, this spell will target the lowest resistance on the
monster.  This makes the damage more difficult to save against, on top of
dealing comparatively more damage. The mastery used will be the higher 
value of the player's mastery in the damage type selected or negative.

If the target is not undead, casting 'Strike Undead' will revert to a 
regular spell that does negative damage type.

Spell available only to the Necromancer Psionicist Subclass.

Primary Stats: Intelligence, Wisdom
Affected by  : Luck


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 Psionicist             Level : 44