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Spells: Stealth

Help Stealth

Syntax:  stealth

The trained Ninja, a true master of stealth, is able to vanish into thin
air.  Not only is he/she able to be completely hidden from sight, but even
moving about does not reveal the Ninja's location.

Characters in stealth do not show up in where, who, etc., until they attack
something or the affect wears off.  They will not be seen when moving into
a new room.

The Oracle spell Eye of Warning can detect a stealthed character.  Even
with this spell, a stealthed character is still unable to be ambushed or
hit by area-attack spells.  Monsters which detect hidden will still fire
programs on a stealthed character, to prevent breaking area quests.

Skill available only to the Ninja Thief Subclass.


 Skill, Combat


 Ninja             Level : 79


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