Solidify (Sn: 339) (Spell)

Help Solidify

Syntax: cast 'solidify' <item>

High level mages and psionicists are able to manipulate the molecular
structure of items they are carrying to make them more compact. The result
of this spell is that items previously invisible can now be seen by the
average eye.

An extremely lucky caster has a small chance of adding hitroll or damroll
to the item they solidify.  Once this happens, the solidified flag is added
to the item and it is not possible to cast solidify upon it again.  Items
must be wearable in a specific position (e.g., 'take hold', 'take waist')
in order to receive stats from this spell.  Items with only 'Wearable:
take' will not receive stats from this spell.

Primary stat: Intelligence, Wisdom.
Affected by : Luck.


 Mage                Level : 134
 Psionicist          Level : 136