Slow (Sn: 75) (Spell)

Help Slow

(For the Quickling command, see 'help haste'.)

Syntax:  cast slow <target>
Spell Number: 75

Mentalists have developed the ability to attack the memories and thought
patterns of a target, often with disastrous results.

A victim affected with 'slow' will find their haste and lightspeed attacks
reduced and possibly even removed completely for the duration of the spell.

There is no lag on casting 'slow' but there is a small recovery time when
used against mobs and a longer recovery time when used against players.

The strength and duration of the spell are based on the intelligence and 
luck of the caster vs that of the target. There is no known cure for the
'slow' effect.

Spell available only to the Mentalist Psionicist Subclass.

Primary Stat: Int.
Affected by : Luck.


 Spellup, Combat


 Psionicist             Level : 57