Sleep (Sn: 74) (Spell)

Help Sleep

(If you were looking for information on the mage spell, see '
help sleep

Syntax: sit
        stand / wake

These commands change your position.  When you rest, sit, or sleep, you
regenerate hit points, mana points, and movement points faster.  However,
you are more vulnerable to attacks.  When sleeping, you will also no longer
hear or see many of the messages you would while awake.

Items of furniture can be found within the game that will increase the
speed of healing.  Simply 'act object' (e.g., '
sleep bed' or 'sit chair')
to use them.  They must be on the ground, not carried in inventory, to be
used.  (Note- the trivia sleeping bag is an exception; see '
help sleeping

Several other factors also affect healing rate.  Tents and campfires,
the regeneration spell, fast healing and meditation skills can all increase
healing speeds.  Hunger, thirst, poison, and certain room conditions can
cause the rate to decrease.

If you 'feel too relaxed', use '
stand' or 'wake' to return to a standard
standing position.  You can also wake other sleeping characters, provided
they have gone to sleep of their own will (rather than caused by a skill
or spell) and are not sleeping on furniture.


 Mage                Level :   7