Help Safeguard

Syntax: safeguard <target>

Guardians have the ability to safeguard another character. If a character
being safeguarded is attacked while their Guardian is in the room, the
Guardian will automatically rescue them. If the character attacking the
safeguarded character aims back to them, the Guardian will continue to 
automatically rescue them for as long as the Safeguard affect is up.

How quickly the Guardian rescues the target and the duration of the 
Safeguard affect are determined by the Guardian's Intellect and 


- You cannot safeguard someone who is already safeguarding someone else.
- You cannot rescue someone who is safeguarding.
- Safeguard only applies in direct combat. If another character is fighting
  a different target but uses skills and spells against the safeguarded
  character, there is no automatic rescue.

Skill available only to the Guardian Paladin Subclass.


 Skill, Combat


 Paladin             Level : 20