Resonate (Sn: 415) (Spell)

Help Resonate

Syntax: cast resonate <object>

Through the use of this Discipline, the psionicist is able to cause the
molecules within an object of his choice to vibrate. The resultant resonant
field makes the object easily detectable, even by touch alone.  This comes
in handy for those who have lost their sight.

An extremely lucky caster has a small chance of adding bonus luck to the
item they resonate.  Once this happens, the resonated flag is added to the
item and it is not possible to cast resonate upon it again.  Items must be
wearable in a specific position (e.g., 'take hold', 'take waist') in order
to receive stats from this spell.  Items with only 'Wearable: take' will
not receive stats from this spell.

Primary stat: Wisdom.
Affected by : Intelligence, Luck.


 Psionicist          Level : 145