Remove Curse

 Remove Curse (Sn: 70) (Spell)

Help Remove Curse

Syntax: cast 'remove curse' <target>
Spell Number: 70

A player who is cursed, or who has picked up a cursed item, faces many
problems. To remove the curse, one may cast this spell, which will 
eliminate the malediction from the victim and/or a cursed item.

If no target is included, the spell is directed at the caster.  It is
possible to remove the curse on more than one item in a single cast.

Primary stat: Wisdom.
Affected by : Intelligence, Luck.

If you were looking for information on how to remove a cursed item without 
this spell, check out '
help heal', or proceed to the healer located north
from recall, and listen to her.


 Cleric              Level : 34