Recharge (Sn: 193) (Spell)

Help Recharge

Syntax: cast 'recharge' <target object>

For those spellcasters who find themselves stuck in an area full of angry
monsters and a staff or wand low on charges, this spell can save the day.
With 'recharge', the caster can replenish charges in wands and staves.
Recharging an item makes the magic within very unstable; it is not possible
to recharge an item more than once.

Wands and staves will crumble if their magic is fully expended- this spell
must be used before the final charge is spent.  Once used, the item will
have a 'recharged' flag added and it may not be used again on that object.

Primary stat: Wisdom
Affected by : Intelligence, Luck


 Cleric              Level :  56