Help Pathfinding

Syntax: pathfind <target> (nodoors)

The pathfind command is used by Hunters, and will display directions to 
find their way back to a given target.  This only works within the same 
area as the target, and like the '
find' command, does not work through
custom exits or portals.  Append '
nodoors' to the command to list the
speedwalk without doors.

Currently, the only target for this command is '
pet', which will guide the
Hunter back to a pet within the area.  If multiple pets are in the same
area, the most recently acquired pet will be used.

Skill available only to the Hunter Ranger Subclass.

If you are trying to use a social and see this command's output instead,
prefix the social with * to use the social.  See 'help socials'.


 Skill, Combat


 Ranger             Level : 47