Parry (Sn: 219) (Skill)

Help Parry

Syntax:  Automatic.

The dodge failed, and that axe is falling towards your head at unbelievable
speed?  Best try to parry it.  Parry is very useful for deflecting attacks
that would otherwise hit you.

The best use of parry occurs when the defending target is skilled in both 
his and his attacker's weapons but skill in the defender's own weapon is
the most important. Suffering from blindness severely inhibits the ability 
to parry. 

Primary-class warriors will find more benefit from this training compared
to other classes, but it will never be completely ineffective.

Primary Stats: Strength, Dexterity.
Affected By  : Luck.


 Thief               Level : 21
 Warrior             Level :  1
 Ranger              Level :  1
 Paladin             Level :  1
 Psionicist          Level : 54


A very useful, automatic skill to help you avoid damage. See also Blink.