Miracle (Sn: 408) (Spell)

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Syntax: cast miracle <target>
Spell Number: 408

As the Cleric's power becomes complete, they are granted the most powerful
beneficial blessing that they may receive, the ability to ward off the chill
touch of death itself. Should a character who has recently felt the sting of
the Reaper come to the Cleric, there is a small chance that, through the
power of prayer, the experience that had been lost to the character may be
recovered in full. Through the invocation of this spell, the Gods may see fit
to grant the targeted character the return of any experience that they may 
have lost.

Due to the fickle nature of the Gods, however, even this power does have its
limits. Should the character gain significant xp (from killing a monster or
too many skill/spell increases), level, quit, or die again (including in
warfare and combat), the spell will not be successful.  In addition, the
spell may only be attempted once per character per death.  Regardless of the
outcome, any further attempts to restore lost experience in any form will not
be possible.  If your character is set to not gain experience via the noexp
toggle, no experience will be restored even if the miracle is successful.

Though paladins also receive this ability, their communication with the Gods
is not as pure, and as such, they have a slightly lower chance of success
compared to clerics.  Characters that have grown even closer to the Gods tend
to have better luck with miracles (see '
help tier').

Primary stat: Luck.


 Cleric              Level : 149 
 Paladin             Level : 154