Merge Chaos

Merge Chaos (Sn: 545) (Spell)

Help Merge Chaos

Syntax: cast 'merge chaos'            : Check chaos portals for merging.
        cast 'merge chaos' confirm    : Merge carried chaos portals.

Chaos portals are, surprisingly enough, full of chaotic energy.  The most
experienced Crafters are able to pull some of this energy from old portals
and re-shape it into a new ingredient.

This spell requires 5 live, unkept chaos portals, though they do not have
to be owned by the caster.  Extremely powerful Crafters may even be able to
lower the number of portals required.  Casting merge chaos will display a
list of the five chaos portals that will be used by this spell, along with
their types (regular or golden) and destinations.

If these are the appropriate portals, use "cast 'merge chaos' confirm" to
merge the portals into a single ingredient.  Merging portals has a very
rare chance to form into a better ingredient (see 'help chaos portal types'
for more details).  Merged ingredients do not have ownership set.

Spell available only to the Crafter Ranger Subclass.

Affected by: Wisdom, Constitution


 Spellup, Stats


 Ranger             Level : 201

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