Identify (Sn: 56) (Spell)

Help Identify

Syntax: cast identify <object>
        identify <object>
        identify <object> worn

This spell reveals detailed information about the object it is cast upon.

The identify command will display several (but not all) details about an
object you are carrying, such as its keywords, object type, weight, etc.
The command will state if there is more information than what is shown in
this output.

The Identify and Object Read spells will show the damage type of a weapon,
while lore does not; Lore instead has the ability to show the part of the
world from which that particular item came, which is not given with the
identify spell.

Using the identify command at Hester's Whoswhatzit in Aylor (or with the
identify wish- see 'help wish') will display all the available information
on an object.  Hester charges a small fee for this service, based upon the
item's level.  Currently-equipped items may be identified by using the
syntax 'identify <object> worn'.

See 'help objectid' for more information on the Id field in identify, and 
see 'help compare' for more information on the Score value.


 Mage                Level :  22