Holy Preference

Help Holy Preference

Syntax: None - this will be used automatically once practiced.

While a Priest may masquerade as neutral or even evil from time to time,
they are inherently good, or at least the gods believe they are, which is 
the most important part.

When a Priest encounters a target with Protection from Good, the gods will
assume that the Priest is on holy business and give preference to the Priest
over that target. The effect is that the Protection from Good spell on the
target is ignored.

Although the gods would never send different Priests with different and 
conflicting views to serve them, in the event that two Priests are in
combat (mobs or player), there is no Holy Preference granted and regular 
protections will apply.

There is no syntax for this ability - once practiced it will be checked
every time you do damage against a target and success rate is based only
on percent practiced.