Hand To Hand

 Hand to Hand (Sn: 217) (Skill)

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Syntax: Automatic (when not wielding a weapon)
Damage: Bash

A combination of pugilism and martial-arts, the Hand to Hand skill means
that a character can make their hands and feet into deadly weapons.  This 
is very helpful if they are rendered weaponless by a disarm attack.

Ninjas and Barbarians are particularly proficient in this ability, gaining
the chance to do additional damage compared to other classes.  As their
power increases, they will learn how to supplement this fighting skill with
additional attacks in much the same way and at around the same level as
fighters learn how to do extra attacks with a secondary weapon.

Primary stat: Strength, Dexterity.
Affected by : Luck.


 Thief               Level : 39
 Warrior             Level : 33
 Ranger              Level : 32
 Paladin             Level : 33


This skill allows the use of the hand as a weapon (thus its inclusion in the Weapon category).

Note that when a mob is invincible to a weapon, they are usually not invincible to punches. Therefore, unless you keep magic dam weapons on hand (which I suggest), this skill is somewhat useful, which is how it narrowly avoided the "Useless" tag.