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Spells: GaiasFocus

Gaias Focus (Sn: 552) (Spell)

Help Keywords : \"Gaia's Focus\".
Help Category : Enhancement.
Related Helps : Gaia's Revenge.
Last Updated  : 2008-08-23 11:57:28.
Syntax: c 'gaias focus' <air|earth|cold|water>

A Shaman's close affinity with nature enables him/her to channel some of Mother Nature's more chaotic energies, such as those in the Gaia's Revenge spell, into a select type of damage.

This spell must be cast before Gaia's Revenge. When active, all damage from Gaia's Revenge will be of the selected focus type (either air, earth, cold, or water). If this spell is not active, the damage of each Gaias' Revenge hit is randomly selected from one of these four types.


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 Ranger             Level : 56


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