Flay (Sn: 586) (Nofail Skill)

Help Flay

Syntax: flay <target>

A skilled Avenger is able to whip their victim so rapidly, and with such 
precision, that they are virtually flayed alive. The damage type inflicted 
is the damage type of the whip used. The number of attacks and strength of 
those attacks is determined primarily by the attacker's constitution, and 
to a much lesser degree, dexterity.

This skill is quite similar to spiral. The biggest difference being that it 
has no lag, but does have a short recovery time. No lag effectively means 
that it is "bonus damage" whenever it is available for use.

Skill available only to the Avenger Paladin Subclass.

Primary Stat: Constitution
Affected By : Intelligence, Dexterity


 Paladin             Level : 81


 Subclass Only: Inquisitor