Help Entrap

Syntax:  entrap

Bandits, masters of the ambush, are able to create a trap that will turn even
the most serene setting into the perfect spot for a bloodbath.

This skill adds the PK flag to a room.  The effect is temporary (lasting for
only a few minutes), but remains whether or not the casting player stays in
the room. Movement through an entrapped room is also slightly slower.

No other players may be present in the room when the trap is set (except for 
groupmates), and the skill will not work in safe- or law-flagged rooms, rooms 
with the city sector, clan rooms, or rooms with shopkeepers.  (Certain other 
rooms may also be flagged to prevent the use of this skill, but will be 

To prevent abuse, using this skill will add a temporary flag to the player
that prevents quitting.

Skill available only to the Bandit Thief Subclass.

Primary Stat: Dex (duration, recovery).
Affected by : None.


 Skill, Combat


 Thief             Level : 130