Help Enrage

Syntax: Enrage

The key to any Barbarian's true power is focused anger.  The anger flowing
through an enraged Barbarian allows them to hit nearly twice as hard with 
weapons as others engaged in combat for a short period of time. 

The downside of this, however, is that little focus is left for opponents' 
reactions, thus causing an additional amount of damage to be taken in combat 
as well. Additionally, hand to hand attacks are not influenced by enrage,
only weapon attacks.

This ability stacks with berserk/frenzy and with someone else under the
same affect (double damage dealt, then damage doubled again).  It is not
usable with any other Rage ability.

Skill available only to the Barbarian Warrior Subclass.

Primary Stat: Con (damage multiplier, recovery time).


 Skill, Combat


 Warrior             Level : 23