Enhanced Damage

 Enhanced damage (Sn: 215) (Skill)

Help Enhanced Damage

Syntax:  Automatic.

This skill trains the character to find vital spots on their opponents, 
hitting with greater force and accuracy.  This means that your chance of
doing extra damage is checked with every attempt to hit, and will deal more
damage if successful.  Primary-class fighters (warriors, paladins, and
rangers) will notice more of an impact with this skill than their 
spellcasting brothers and sisters.

Because this skill has a chance of happening with every hit, there is no
message when enhanced damage is successful (nor when it is not).

Primary stat: Strength.
Affected by : None.


 Thief               Level :  45
 Warrior             Level :   6
 Ranger              Level :  21
 Paladin             Level :  19