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Spells: Disintegrate

 Disintegrate (Sn: 111) (Spell)

Help Disintegrate

Syntax: cast "disintegrate" <character>
Spell Number: 111

A psionicist can manipulate the latent energy within inanimate objects,
causing them to inflict damage on a nearby victim. If the object is
close enough to the victim, it can cause great damage. For this
reason, most psionicists choose the victim itself as the target, since
there's bound to be SOMETHING on it, sooner or later.  Mid-level
psionicists can DETONATE objects on their victim, and extremely
skilled psionicists can even DISINTEGRATE their victims, killing them

In addition, you will not receive experience points, gold, or equipment 
for the kill. Mind you, after failing to disintegrate a creature isn't 
going to make the mob your friend.....

Primary stat: Wisdom, Intelligence
Affected by : Luck 


 Psionicist          Level : 167


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