Disarm (Sn: 213) (Skill)

Help Disarm

Syntax:  disarm <target>

Disarm is a showy, slightly unreliable skill designed to relieve opponents
of their weapons.  This skill is useless against unarmed opponents.

The best possible chance of disarming occurs when you are skilled with both
your own and your opponent's weapons. Disarmed weapons will stay in a 
player's inventory but there is a delay before they can be used again.

Primary stat: Dexterity


 Warrior             Level :  46
 Ranger              Level :  46
 Paladin             Level :  41


Message when weapon is disarmable :

* DISARMS you and you struggle not to drop your weapon!

Message when weapon is not disarmable :

* DISARMS you and sends * flying!

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