Help Desecration

Syntax: cast desecration
Spell Number: 567

A harmer may use the darker side of holy magic to surround him/herself with
an aura of dread.  The power of this aura is so great that it will
interfere with the protective qualities of a white aura of sanctuary,
reducing (or when fighting monsters, with high enough wisdom, completely
ignoring) the amount of damage prevented by the sanctuary effect.

While monsters may have the sanctuary effect completely negated, Desecration
will not completely eliminate the effect of sanctuary in PvP combat.  The
target's constitution will reduce the impact of this ability, but it will
not be negated.

The recovery time when casting desecration reduces as the harmer's wisdom
and luck increase.

Skill Available Only: Subclass Harmer

Primary Stat: Wisdom, Luck.