Curse Of Sloth

Curse of Sloth (Sn: 578) (Spell)

Help Curse Of Sloth

Syntax: Cast 'curse of sloth' <target>
Spell Number: 578

A Sorcerer's Curse of Sloth makes the victim feel sluggish and temporarily 
unable to move. The spell holds the target to the spot in a manner similar 
to web. The strength of the curse is determined by the caster's 
intelligence, wisdom and luck versus that of their opponent. 

The end result is that a cursed target will find it easier to escape from 
a single room than a webbed target, but is easier to track down as their 
subsequent movements / recall attempts are much more likely to fail.

There is no known cure for the Sorcerer's Curse of Sloth as regular curse 
removal abilities are ineffective against it.

Spell available only to the Sorcerer Mage Subclass.

Primary Stat: Intelligence
Affected By : Wisdom, Luck


 Mage                Level : 99


NOTE: Subclass Only: Sorcerer
This spell can not be cast from an object.