Curse (Sn: 29) (Spell)

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Syntax: cast curse <target>
Spell Number: 29

This spell invokes your God's wrath upon the enemy.  Cursed targets will
suffer penalties to their attack and damage, as well as reduced resistance
to magical effects.  In addition, a character affected by this spell will
be unable to recall, though a portal may be used.

Items may also be cursed, either by default or through the '
curse item'
spell. These items have the nodrop and/or noremove flags (see '
help object
flags'). If a player is wearing a cursed item (noremove flag) they will see
the following when trying to remove it:
You can't remove <item>.

Both of these affects may be removed by either the '
remove curse' spell or
by using '
heal curse' (or 'heal uncurse') at a healer. See 'help heal'
for more details. Sorcerer's curse spells do not use the same effect.

Primary stat: Intelligence.
Affected by : Wisdom, Luck.

There is also a video which shows how to deal with cursed items on 


 Cleric              Level :  21