Combat Empathy

 Combat Empathy (Sn: 520) (Spell)

Help Combat Empathy

Syntax: cast 'combat empathy'
Spell Number: 520

Using this spell, a Mentalist will be able to feel the emotions involved in 
a fight with an opponent, bringing a better understanding of the situation.
The end result is that a Mentalist using this ability will receive more
experience from the fight compared to that of other classes.

This skill stacks with the exprate wish, though each bonus is calculated
separately off the base amount. The exprate command may be used to combine
or separate these bonuses.

Spell available only to the Mentalist Psionicist Subclass.

Primary Stat: Int (bonus, duration, recovery), Wis (duration).
Affected by : Luck (bonus).


 Psionicist          Level : 9


NOTES: Subclass Only: Empath
This spell can not be cast from an object.