Charm Person

 Charm person (Sn: 15) (Spell)

Help Charm Person

Syntax: cast 'charm person' <victim>
Spell Number: 15

This spell, if successful, causes the victim to follow you and to take
orders from you.  Use '
ORDER' to order your charmed followers. It is not easy 
charming creatures, and you must have a high constitution and wisdom, and a 
lot of luck, to do so.  However, once a creature is charmed, it will use all 
of its skills to aid you in your endeavors.

You are responsible for the actions of your followers.  Conversely, other
people who attack your followers will be penalized as if they attacked you.
This spell can only be cast on one victim at a time.

Primary stat: Wisdom.
Affected by : Constitution, Luck.


 Mage                Level :  44
 Cleric              Level :  14
 Thief               Level :  67