Chariot Of Sustarre

 Chariot of sustarre (Sn: 182) (Spell)

Help Chariot Of Sustarre

Syntax: cast 'chariot of sustarre' <player|mobname>
Spell Number: 182

This is the most powerful magical transportation spell in the game.  The
Chariot, when summoned, will allow the caster to travel to or from no-recall
rooms, unlike other transportation spells.

This power can only be summoned with the help of a flaming sun gem, found
on the Firestorm Phoenix.  Though once thought to be extinct, hunters say
that they have returned to Andolor.  Their preference for wide-open
spaces (both on water and, rumor has it, in the skies above) makes this hard
to prove for any but the most die-hard hunter.


 Cleric              Level :  96