Cancellation (Sn: 10) (Spell)

Help Cancellation

Syntax: cast 'cancellation' <character>
Spell Number: 10

This spell attempts to remove magical effects from the target.  It can only
be used on yourself, pets you own and other players; it is not an attack

Cancellation works best on benign spells, but will have an effect on harmful
spells as well.  The higher your Intelligence, the greater chance you have of
successfully canceling spells.  Permanent affects (such as racial abilities
or those given by quest equipment) cannot be canceled.

If you do not wish to allow others to cancel your spells, use the '

Primary stat: Intelligence, Wisdom.
Affected by : Luck


 Mage                Level :  40 
 Cleric              Level :  35 
 Paladin             Level :  65


Success message :

You cancelled * spells on yourself.

Failure message :

You failed to cancel any spells on yourself.

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