Brew (Sn: 302) (Skill)

Help Brew

Syntax: brew <spell name>

The Brew skill enables a spellcaster to imbue spells into a potion.  An
empty vial must be held for this spell to work. 

*An empty vial - available at Aeleron's Alchemy Supplies in Aylor city
(runto potions).

Multiple spells can be brewed into the same potion, but each additional
spell makes success much more difficult.  Failure will at least spoil the
potion, and may even backfire and explode.

A spell that is brewed will be at a marginally lower level than the
character can cast it at naturally, and brewing consumes a great deal more
mana than normally expended during casting.  Also, the effects of brewed
potions are not as strong as their magically manufactured equivalents, and
brewed potions will eventually lose their potency.

Members of the Oracle subclass have a better chance of brewing potions with
multiple spells than other classes.

Primary stat: Intelligence.
Affected by : Luck.


 Cleric              Level : 55