Blink (Sn: 260) (Skill)

Help Blink

This spell is automatic.

With this ability, the mage taps the flows of magic in the world, and steps
between this world and the next.  With a little concentration, this ability
can be very effectively used to avoid incoming attacks.

Primary-class mages may use blink in all their classes, until they tier.
Others will be able to blink, but will find this is less effective.  Mages
with no mana will not be able to harness the magical energies required to

Primary stat: Intelligence.
Affected by : Luck.


 Mage                Level :   1 


This level 1 Mage spell allows the caster to avoid damage by disappearing from one location and appearing in another, closeby (allowing combat to continue). This is an automatic skill, similar to Dodge and is very useful for all mages