Blast Undead

Blast Undead (Sn: 549) (Spell)

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Syntax:  cast 'blast undead' <target>
Spell Number: 549

Noble Necromancers have tuned their abilities and research on the various
undead studied in their training and adventures, and are able to deal more
damage than less-experienced Necromancers.

When targeting undead monsters or vampire players, the target will take 
damage based upon its lowest resistance and the mastery used will be the 
higher value of the player's mastery in the damage type selected or negative.

If the target is not undead, casting 'Blast Undead' will revert to a regular 
spell that does negative damage type.

Spell available only to the Necromancer Psionicist Subclass.

Primary Stats: Intelligence, Wisdom
Affected by  : Luck, Tier of caster.


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 Psionicist             Level : 121