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Spells: Biofeedback

 Biofeedback (Sn: 102) (Spell)

Help Biofeedback

Syntax: cast 'biofeedback'
Spell Number: 102

Yet another of the Body Control disciplines, Biofeedback is one of the more
powerful pursuits that psionicists can follow. Through sensitivity to and 
the understanding of their own body, they are able to sense where enemies' 
weapons may strike. They will proceed to adjust the bodily tissues in 
these areas, strengthening them. In addition, if bleeding should happen, 
the psionicist can control it. This spell can considerably reduce damage 
taken by the caster, up to and even above half of all damage depending on

The intense flaring off of mental energy in this spell manifests itself as
a white aura around the psionicist.

Primary stat: Wisdom, Intelligence.
Affected by : Luck.


 Psionicist          Level :  51 


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