Beacon Of Light

Beacon of Light (Sn: 536) (Spell)

Help Beacon Of Light

Syntax:  cast 'beacon of light'
Spell Number: 536

Navigators may cast this spell to summon a beacon of light to their current
location.  When in the same area as their beacon of light, Navigators may
use '
navigate beacon' to find a path back to their beacon (with certain
limitations- see '
help navigate').

Casting this spell with an existing beacon will move it to the new location
or refresh the duration of the beacon if cast in the same room.  See '
beacon of homecoming
' for casting restrictions on beacons.

The '
beacons' command will show the location and duration of any active
beacons.  The duration and recovery time of beacons is based upon the
caster's Intelligence.

Spell available only to the Navigator Psionicist Subclass.


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 Psionicist             Level : 36