Help Ambush

Syntax: ambush <target name>

A skilled Hunter may lie in wait for a particular target.  If a player or
monster with the exact keyword enters the room, either by walking in or use
of a portal (or upon area reset if a monster), and the target is valid
based on other restrictions, the Hunter will automatically engage the
target.  The target of a successful ambush will also be incapacitated
temporarily, based upon the Constitution and Luck of the target vs. that of
the Hunter.

If more than one person has the same target ambushed, the person that most
recently entered the room will ambush the target.  If the Hunter moves, the
ambush will be removed.  Other hunters can easily spot the signs of an
ambush, and thus will never be able to be the target of one.

Trying to ambush a HARDCORE player will only work if the target is someone
you would be able to kill without the flag.

Skill available only to the Hunter Ranger Subclass.


 Skill, Combat


 Ranger             Level : 37