Absorb (Sn: 317) (Spell)

Help Absorb

Syntax: cast absorb <target>
Spell Number: 317

A highly proficient mage or cleric can protect himself or herself from some
forms of offensive combat spells and skills, particularly those that they
themselves are trained in. It has been reported over the ages that some
mages and clerics have even been known to absorb energy from the power of a
magical attack directed at them!

Your percentage in absorb will determine whether or not you have the chance
of absorbing a spell.  The chances of actually absorbing it are based on your
total int, wis, and luck vs the total int, wis, and luck of your opponent.

Primary stat: Intelligence, Wisdom.
Affected by: Luck.


Mage Level : 48
Cleric Level : 38


NOTE: This spell can only be used from objects by people who can cast the spell naturally.