Nebulous started as a Wolfen Warrior and has been playing Aardwolf MUD since Nov 5th 2004. Aardwolf MUD is his first and only MUD and had no idea what he was doing when he arrived.

He played for awhile, still not knowing what to do then took a break. When he returned, he recreated from Wolfen Paladin to Wolfen Warrior and has been a regular player from then on. He became a Helper late 2004/early 2005 and officially retired on the 18th of May 2010.

He joined Vanir December 2006 and left after a year and a bit.

He joined The Xunti Cult on the 18th of March 2008 and was appointed to be a leader of Xunti on the 8th of January, 2009. He has since moved on from Xunti and was clanned in The Great Circle of Druids on the 5th of June 2010.

Nebulous had at first, refused to get married to anyone, but early 2009 married his friend Tempora.

Random Facts About Nebulous

  • Has an Aardwolf website - Aard Haven

  • Nebulous has recieved a famous Care Package from his past clannies CowGirl & Mael which included home baked cookies all the way from the US! They were the BEST cookies ever!

  • Was called Vrangsinn before the name change to Itzcoliuqhui but still gets called Vrang by some friends.

  • He is not often killed, but when he is it is most often by cute things such as butterflies or kittens.

  • Prefers evil align.

  • Often comes out with craziest, most random emotes. He will often throw bands and other objects at his friends over ftalk.

  • Often gets pelted with peas and antennae from Rumour.

  • Is generally quiet on public channels and has most channels turned off, mainly using Clan, ftalk, Helper + Newbie channels.

  • Has a major thing for corydoras.

  • Likes to have loud conversations over tells with Oladon.

  • He has created an alias to decorate his ftalk channel with small coloured tags.

Eg - (Friend): Cold and Nebulous (Toucan): 'Whee!'

  • Nebulous has crammed his client full of sounds from Unreal and UT. There is a sound for everything! He currently has 176 client aliases and 1116 triggers. All legal! The vast majority of them are to change sounds, colours and report events. His latest obsession is creating timers for events like CPs, newbie arrivals and kills.

Check out a screenshot of his client setup here - Client Pic

  • Has a dislike for players that lure newbies into the Cmaze and into duels that they can't possibly win. Thats the kind of thing that can drive people away from a MUD.

Facts About the Player Behind the Character

  • Nebulous's player is a 24 year old guy from Australia.

  • He was introduced to Aardwolf MUD through an ad for it on Second Shifters Radio, and sometimes listens to SSR while playing.

  • Is into bodybuilding!

  • His favourite music to listen to while playing is usually Static-X, :wumpscut:, Hanzel und Gretyl, Funker Vogt, KMFDM and In Strict Confidence.


Second Shifters Radio