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Profiles: Ilarion

Level 200 Male Vampire Ninja (Tier 1).

Remort: Thief / Psionicist / Mage / Warrior

Ilarion snuggles up with his Isabela.

Ilarion's email address is ##private##

Ilarion is a Conciliator of The Society of Tanelorn.

[200 T1 Vamp MLT] Ilarion (Male Ninja)

[Multiclass Player: Thief / Psionicist / Mage / Warrior ]

Ilarion is a Conciliator of The Society of Tanelorn.

Ilarion snuggles up with his Isabela.

Trivia Points : [ 13] Quest Points : [ 7168] Qp Earned : [149359]
Quests Complete : [ 8785] Quests Failed: [ 1777] Gquests Won : [ 32]
Campaigns Done : [ 51] Campaigns Fld: [ 2]
Duels Won : [ 0] Duels Lost : [ 2]

Hours Online : [ 14294] Birth Date : [ 23 Nov 2001 ]

Monsters Killed : [173273] Times Killed : [ 1352]
Combat Maze Kills: [ 121] Combat Maze Deaths : [ 52]
Trained Stats : [ 894] Powerups : [ 1863] [ 68]

_________________________[ Ilarion's Description ]________________________
The last surviving member of his filos, Ilarion was captured by humans when he was barely eight years old. He lived in captivity for four years where he was brutally tortured and cruelly displayed. He finally escaped, but not before his throat was damaged so badly by the humans that he can no longer speak.

Alone, he learned to hide where no one could find or track him. He trusts no one and refuses to let anyone near him. Antisocial to the extreme, he only interacts with women when his passionate appetite requires it. His powers are equal to, if not greater than any Kattalakis.

He's on a ruthless vengeance quest against all Arcadians and humans, and will not rest until death takes him.
Want to save some time? I don't want to group. I don't want to drag you.
I do not want to be dragged. No need to ask.

Unlike his friendly, sometimes overly so, spouse, Ilarion prefers to keep to himself, only trusting a select few. Ilarion prefers to group only with his spouse, or alone, and would be happy to simply level or pup his life away. Ilarion is very loyal to those who he deems worthy of his trust and affections.

Ilarion has been an active citizen of Aardwolf since late 1997. Ilarion has also been an active member of The Society of Tanelorn since December 2007, and has been a Helper in the past. He was previously in Sisterhood of the Amazon Warriors, for 2 years and served as their web programmer until he retired from PK. He has been happily married to the love of his life, Isabela, since October 25, 2005.

Ilarion's webpage, character and profile created by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

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