General Information

Created: October 24, 2012
Classes: Mage | Thief | Psionicist | Cleric
Level: Tier 1
Race: Vampire
Clan: Light

Current Description

 | --',{@ --',{@ --',{@ --',{@ --',{@ --',{@ --',{@ --',{@ --',{@ --',{@ --',{@ 
 | 11/14/12 - Joined |=x=BOOT=x=|
 | 11/16/12 - Married <3Detreyl<3
 | 02/06/13 - Left |=x=BOOT=x=|
 | 02/24/13 - Joined <-)light(->
 | Megatron lends a hand to aid you.
 | Your magic is blessed with the luck of A Burnt-out Lightbulb!
 | Xaeris tells you 'welcome to ruining the mud :D'
 | (Group) Chew Toy Detreyl: 'We do hope you've enjoyed your time on the Dettykins
 | Express. Please keep all limbs inside the vehicle until the train has come to a
 | complete stop. Thank you for your patronage.'
 | Detreyl (Pupil of Discipline) tells the CLAN: 'Just because I love her, doesn't
 | mean she isn't completely bat-**** insane.'
 | (Spouse) Chew Toy Detreyl: you're like awesome dipped in awesome juice


  • Fiain serves the Aardwolf Community as an Advisor.

WHO Lists

05/18/14 [111 Vamp M+4] [Advisor] Fiain wonders if she counts as casual [Light]

Character History

She stands, her bags packed. She doesn't stay in one place too long, never has. It makes her grow comfortable, when she does, and she can't have that. Can't relax around the people she meets, can't let herself trust them. Why? She doesn't say. So she wanders, never staying in one place for more than a week. She does odd jobs here and there to earn gold, but prefers to live off what she can gather or hunt for herself. Can't trust people, better to be independent.

She leaves the town, used to starting before dawn. She always does, or people ask her, why dont you stay? Why do you go? And she can't answer, just gives a faint smile in return. Mysterious, they call her. Secretive. And perhaps she is. She has to be distant. What if they find out, she thinks. They'd never forgive, never forget. Like before. People can't be trusted, they just can't.

So she wanders. Not aimlessly. She seeks.. something. She'll know when she finds it. She hasn't yet, though many times she has thought she has. Almost... but no. That isn't what she seeks, isn't what she wants. So she moves on. Waiting to find it, waiting for everything to fall into place. Its out there, she knows that. She just doesn't know where. So she wanders, so she searches.. She scans the horizon, leaving another day behind her, as a new day begins.

Player Provided Information

Character Timeline

  • 10/24/12 - Created
  • 11/14/12 - Joined Boot Camp
  • 11/16/12 - Wed Detreyl
  • 02/06/13 - Departed Boot Camp
  • 02/24/13 - Joined Light
  • 03/01/13 - (Approximate date) Fiain becomes an Aardwolf Advisor

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