General Information

Created: May 5, 2014
Classes: Mage
Level: T0
Race: Eldar
Clan: None as of yet

Current Description

 The woman before you has a slightly disheveled, yet sensual look about her,  as 
 if she just left a lover's bed: her garments are rumpled, as if donned quickly 
 and her dark hair tumbles around her face. Her mouth has a swollen appearance,
 and her blue-gray eyes hold an expression of unselfconscious hedonism and joie 
 de vivre. She dips a jiggly curtsey and giggles as this causes the neckline of 
 her summer dress shift a bit too low, revealing a hint of dark ink upon curves
 not usually seen in public. Flashing a naughty grin, she murmurs a greeting: 
 'Andashalla, at your service.'  She tucks a sheaf of parchment maps into a big
 bag slung over one shoulder and tacks on a softer murmur, 'And that might just 
 be literally AND metaphorically...' 


May 2014 Character History Writing Contest

From : Andashalla: character histories
Forum : Roleplay - #21
To : all
Date : Sat May 10 20:09:33 2014
Wanting to learn more of this new world and its people, I would like to hereby sponsor a small quest/competition, for the best character history. Entries may be posted to this thread, and one week from today, I will select the best from those received. The top prize(and yes, spelling and punctuation count) will be 1,000,000 gold. (While I know that's not much in the Aardwolf economy, I'm but a newbie, and it's a significant chunk of my resources.) Second place will get 500,000 gold, and third place will receive 250,000. Governing Rules: The work must be original. Lifting a character's story from a book is unacceptable. The history must be detailed here, in full - no links to external websites, etc. Entries must be posted in English (I'm sorry, it's the only language I speak).
I look forward to learning about some of the denizens of this world.

From : Andashalla: Re: character histories +
Forum : Roleplay - #30
To : all Andashalla Sarl
Date : Sun May 18 13:16:24 2014
THANK YOU to those who participated! I hope others enjoyed reading your tales as much as I did. The hardest part of sponsoring any competition is the time to judge - and I appreciated the effort that went into all the entries. Each had its own evocative qualities, and was worthy in its own regard. The decision was difficult, but here is the results of the judging:
First Place: 1 TP from Hwuaijijal + 1M gold from me, 2M gold from Trurien - Awarded to Tyebald, for a history that not only created a very clear image of who he was, but made me laugh out loud, as well. :)
Second Place: 1 TP from Hwuaijijal + 500k from me + 1M from Trurien Awarded to Sarl, who's evocative imagery drew me in strongly.
Third Place: 1 TP from Hwuaijijal + 250k from me + 500k from Trurien - Awarded to Fiain, for writing a wicked tease - I WANTED to know more about those secrets she hints at, want to learn what it is she seeks.
While a fourth place prize wasn't initially offered, I would very much like to reward all those who participated, because I truly feel they were all deserving of recognition. I will be awarding 1 TP and 75k to our fourth place finisher, Lizza, who's piece made me wonder just who her mother is...
If all of our prize winners would please see me and Trurien for your prizes, that would be great! (I have the Trivia Points for distribution as well.)
Again, my enthusiastic thanks to those who entered - I really enjoyed your efforts and appreciate you sharing your work.
- Andashalla

WHO Lists

 05/10/14  [ 45  Eldar  Mag] Andashalla ...bewildered newbie. 
 05/17/14  [100  Eldar  Mag] Andashalla ...bewildered newbie. 
 05/18/14  [102  Eldar  Mag] Andashalla : seeking Tyebald, Sarl, Fianin & Lizza 
 05/19/14  [116  Eldar  Mag] Andashalla seeks Tyebald. Wandering Sell-Sentence
 05/27/14  [137  Eldar  Mag] Andashalla, Wandering Sell-Sentence  

Character History

(in progress)

Player Provided Information

Character Timeline

  • May 5, 2014: Andashalla enters Aardwolf for the first time.
  • May 10, 2014: Andashalla posts a writing challenge on the Roleplay Board, offering prizes to the best entries for character descriptions. Trurien offers to up the prizes and encourages others to participate.
  • May 14, 2014: Andashalla reports that Hwuaijijal has donated 3 Trivia Tokens to supplement the prizes for the character history writing contest.
  • May 17, 2014: Andashalla reaches level 100, and meets Tracekeith for the first time. He very patiently gives her an archery lesson.

Player Information

Andashalla's player has been enjoying muds since she first stumbled upon one in 1995. A prolific writer, she enjoys the creative process enormously. Elsewhere, she has crafted a copious number of zones, quests, and restrings - and looks forward to the opportunity to contribute to Aardwolf.