Newbie Mistakes

Veteran Aardwolf Players got together and compiled a list of mistakes they'd made as newbies that they hope no newbie will ever have to repeat! Below is the list, hopefully it will help :)

A List of Things to NOT do in Aardwolf:

  • Drop your academy fundraising leaflet: Dropping this would be a really bad idea because if you auction it, players like to help out newbies by bidding on these leaflets. The amount of gold you receive should be useful in getting your character off to a good start.

  • Train hit points, mana, and moves: This really won't be necessary until you decide to sit at level 200 or 201 for a long time. Sure it seems tempting to raise your hit points in order to last longer against your foes, but it is not worth it even a little bit, concentrate on training your stats!

  • Create a character using a race that is not one of the ones suggested for your class: You'll waste extra trains trying to train your main class stats and you might even end up wasting your character's free rebuild to try to fix your error.

  • Buy aard equipment outside of recommended level ranges: Players who are in higher tiers might not have an issue with buying aard equipment at weird levels off of auction or rauction, but as a newbie, it is in your best interest to stick to what is recommended.

  • Sell your quest points in order to get trivia points: That questor is one sneaky dude. He looks like he's making you a great deal, offering to buy your quest points for a nice shiny new trivia point. Don't trust him! That's a horrible deal. First of all, that trivia point is not worth that many quest points, and secondly, you need your quest points way more than you need trivia points!

  • Decide to never do campaigns: They're too difficult right? They take too long to complete? Think again! When your character is in the level one to fifty range, you will want to try to complete as many campaigns as possible between quests. This is a really good way to start to build up those quest points when the mobs aren't so likely to gang up on you like they will at higher levels. It's also a great way to learn areas and even scout out what it would be like to complete a global quest. If your daily blessing offers a trivia point for completing a campaign, request one. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • Run in a random direction for a really long time from a continent just to see what happens: If you end up running straight into a high-level area that isn't level-locked, you are toast.

  • Ignore portals: At first that runto the area doesn't seem so long. But as time goes on it gets more and more annoying. Eventually you may spend a lot of time buying back portals you sold early on, then set up portals on your client in order to make use of shortcuts or create some handy aliases. In this case, you may end up thinking to yourself, why did I not do this a long time ago?

  • Ignore client shortcuts: If you are using MUSHclient, just type mapper help. You'll see a list of useful options in order to create shortcuts and make your explorations of the world a whole lot simpler. If you are confused about what to do just ask on the tech channel, it's usually quite simple to explain. Pretty much anything you may ever need to ask is answered here.

  • Neglect to purchase enchanted equipment for your character: Maybe you use the eqsearch command and have some fairly good stock equipment from clans. However, you would be killing your enemies more swiftly and more resistant to their harmful attacks if you happened to invest in sets of enchanted equipment. Check the forsale forum to see if anyone is offering up their enchanting services. Listen in on the barter and gossip channels to find similar information. Every bit of enchanted gear you own will make your character more powerful and you can keep it forever! Don't try to buy everything at once, if it's too over-whelming. Save up your gold and maybe try to get one set of equipment per mort.

  • Use trivia points in order to retrieve your corpse (or pray for corpse): It may seem daunting to ask for help from another player, but there are lots of players who if they see someone ask for help with a corpse retrieval on newbie channel, or question and answer channel, who will be happy to help. It's a fun way for experienced players to interact with new players and often you'll get a few tips on grouping and navigating the area you happened to die in. Check help cr for more complete instructions.

  • Drop your academy portal: When you complete Geography training, Klau will give you an Aylorian Academy Portal. All you need to do is hold the portal and then type enter, from any room in Aardwolf (that is not flagged as a prison room), and you will be returned to the first room in the Academy area, which is just one room up from recall. Quite a handy prize to earn yourself so soon after starting the game!

  • Ignore offers from high-level characters to give you a spell-up: If you ever get the chance to receive a spell-up, then take it! It won't last for too long, but it sure will add to your characters resists and stats. Just type affected to look at your list of affects before the spell-up, and then type it again after you receive a spell-up. There should be quite a difference!

  • Skip directly to the quizzes in the Academy: If you skip parts of the Aylorian Academy, you will not receive the rewards. You could easily miss out on receiving the academy fundraising leaflet, which you would otherwise auction in order for experienced players to bid on, then hopefully attain a small pile of gold for yourself.

  • Use daily blessing quest reset tokens as soon as you get them: Every year, Aardwolf will run an event where you can receive double the amount of quest points for each quest completed. If you save your quest reset tokens for this special time, you will double the token's worth! Another thing you can do, is wait and sell your token when this event is in the near future, whereupon you will make yourself a lot of gold per token! At this point in time, players will spend way more gold on these tokens than they are worth, so auctioning them is always a gain.

  • Give up if you can not find a room that a quest target is located in: There are enough resources here that you should be able to find the room. Try checking a map or check out a site like Gaardian's.

  • Blindly bid on raided equipment: Just because that equipment was raided, does not mean that it is better than equipment from a goal or open clan shop. Be a smart shopper!

  • Purchase an enchanted item without checking which spells hit it: Were solidify, resonate, and illuminate spells cast successfully upon the object? Check the item over and make an informed purchase.

  • Decide you are too inexperienced to join global quests: Each mob you successfully kill for the global quest wins you three quest points and equips you with invaluable knowledge about what mobs you will find in future global quests. If the player who wins the global quest does so quickly enough, you will even have three extra minutes to hunt for mobs, so it is totally worth it to join! And remember, everyone starts out with 0 global quest wins!

  • Ask a question before searching for a help file: 99% the time the help file will answer your question more completely and accurately than a player will if you ask the question on a channel. If you can't find your question, try help search <keyword>.

  • Forget to ask an imm for a tier pin after tiering: The tier pin has a lot of extra stats upon it, if you don't get yourself one, you are missing out on free stats! Type who imm and send a visible imm a tell asking for a tier pin. If no imm is visible, simply post a note in the upgrade forum with your request.

  • Lose your academy graduation medal: Wear this all the time, it has extra stats! It's very helpful! It has it's own wear location, and you can keep the same one for forever. If you lose it, in order to get a new one, you need to contact an imm and pay five trivia points.

  • Sell your aard equipment that you don't need back to the questor: Always rauction your aard weapons you want to get rid of, even if you think they were a bad choice or are a strange level. You will usually get at least the same amount as if you would have sold them to the questor and you might even get lucky and get (much) more.

  • Recreate your character without first asking for advice: If you just started playing it's not a really big deal to recreate, but if you've accumulated a sizable number of quest points you need to remember that you will lose EVERYTHING but your character name when you recreate. Try asking more experienced players what they would do in your situation, recreating is really a last resort.

  • Let someone else know your character's password: Multiplaying is not allowed in Aardwolf, please check help policies2.

  • Spam a social or tell or command on a channel: If you enter the same thing over and over the game will automatically cause you to lose access to your channels for a number of minutes.

  • Make an alias that supercedes a normal game command: Be careful with the word you choose to use for an alias. It may seem intuitive to create an alias using the word heal, but then you will find it impossible to use the a healer's services, such as heal curse.

  • Quest sit at level 1: It may seem like a good way to build up gear and obtain quest points, but if you level and campaign between quests you'll actually earn quest points between quests and in the end this will result in faster accumulation of quest points than sitting at level one to quest (which I've seen bore players so much that they just stop playing...).

        Instead of sitting at level 1 try this: . Just do one campaign per day minimum... you get bonus quest points for the first 
        campaign done every day. Also if you get trivia point campaigns with your daily blessing, do them! Be sure to campaign and level 
        up when you get double trains for leveling. Lastly, quest whenever possible. This method helps to maximize gains while reducing 
        active time spent.

Special thanks to Kateshei, Hwuaijijal, Flip, Dexter, Fiain, Mendaloth, Ylar, Grimmjo, Asterax, Alcor, Tyebald, Redryn, Lasher, Anaristos, Nuanse, Etzli, Dalcia, Elchanan, and Baurus for contributing!

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