Help Mafia

Syntax: mafia <subcommand> [options]  : Performs mafia commands (see below)
        mchat <message>              : Individual game's chat channel.
        mafiainfo                    : Global mafia chat channel.

Mafia is a game which pits an uninformed majority (the citizens/innocents) 
against an informed minority (the mafia). In Aardwolf, Mafia games can be 
hosted by a player for other players. 

Mafia Helps & Information

For game
options, see 'help mafia-options'.

For game
commands, see 'help mafia-commands'.

For a list of
roles, see 'help mafia-roles'.

tips, strategies, and rules, see 'help mafia-tips'.


The game begins with the Mafia phase, when the Mafia (and optionally the
Vigilante) perform their kill(s). After the Mafia have acted, the night
transitions to the police/doctor phase. When the police and doctor have
used their abilities, the morning comes and any deaths are announced.
There is some time for discussion, and then all players may nominate each 
other for lynching. Each player seconded may defend himself, and then all 
players vote on each lynch candidate. A majority is required to kill; note 
that this refers to the majority of players in the game, not the majority 
of players who voted.

The game ends when one side eliminates (or nearly eliminates) the other(s).

If you have any questions, please feel free to post a note to Imm on the 
Personal board -- hope you enjoy Mafia!