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Syntax:  buy ticket <option>  : Buys lottery ticket(s) (see below).
        lottery tickets      : Displays tickets held for current lottery.
        lottery prizes        : Displays payouts & time for next lottery.
        lottery collect      : Collects any lottery winnings.

The Aardwolf lottery is a bi-weekly drawing in which players can buy
tickets at a chance for large gold prizes, much like a state or national
lottery you might have in real life.

Each ticket has three numbers, each ranged from 1 to 50.  Each ticket
costs 10,000 gold, and you cannot buy more than 100 tickets per draw. 
There is a game maximum of 40,000 tickets sold for each drawing, so the 
limit per person ensures that each player gets a chance.

To buy a lottery ticket, go to the lottery store in Aylor, which is located
on the far east end of Grandmarket Boulevard.  When in that store, you can
buy a ticket via the following options:

  buy ticket <num1> <num2> <num3>  : Buys a ticket with specific numbers.
  buy ticket random                : Buys 1 ticket with random numbers.
  buy ticket all                  : Buys up to limit of random tickets.

When you buy tickets, you do not actually receive ticket items.  Tickets
are saved on your player file and carry with you across renames, remorts,
tiers, etc. (but not recreates/deletions).  There is no extra step required
to 'enter' them into the drawing; this happens automatically.  Tickets are
not transferable.

If you have purchased tickets for the current drawing, typing 'lottery 
tickets' will display a list of your ticket numbers, up until the time of
the drawing.


The prize funds are based on the number of tickets sold.  The minimum a
jackpot can be worth is 20,000,000 gold, with a secondary prize fund of at
least 8,000,000 gold.  If there are no jackpot winners in a draw, the 
prize fund will be added to the next draw for a massive 'rollover' 
jackpot.  The total prize fund will always be 90% of the income received 
from tickets, with the remaining 10% going to various charities that will 
generally involve things like a nice new mansion for Ivar or his sister 

Prizes for the next drawing (plus the time of that drawing) are always
viewable by typing 'lottery prizes'.


Drawings occur twice a week, at 6 p.m. Eastern ('real life') Time on
Wednesdays and Saturdays.  You do not need to be online at the time of the

Anyone with all three numbers the same (in any order) wins a share of the
jackpot pool.  Anyone with two of the three numbers the same will win a
share of the secondary prize pool.  (Because the tickets only check for the
numbers, not the order, there may be more than one jackpot winner and many
people sharing the secondary prize pool.)  The winning numbers and players
will be posted on the Lottery board.  Winners will also be notified at the
time of the drawing, or upon next login if they are offline.

Use 'lottery collect' to collect any winnings.  You will see the date of
the drawing, the numbers you had, the winning numbers, and your winnings,
per ticket and total (if more than one ticket won a prize).

Winners have 30 days to collect their prizes.

There are also two videos which shows lottery help on Aardwolf:

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