The Aardwolf Administrative Team

The Immortals of Aardwolf are the ones who do most of the administrative grunt work. Lasher leads the team and all of us are committed to making your mud experience enjoyable. We welcome new ideas, feedback, and are available for questions... Just feel free to ask.

               Fenix                     204
               Rezit                     205
               Rhuli                     205
               Kharpern                  206
               Anaristos                 206
               Broud                     206
               Korridel                  206 
               Rumour                    208 
               Penthesilea               208
               Domain                    208
               Lasher                    210

The level of each member represents certain abilities. Read <help wizlevels> to see what each imm can do based on their player level.

The admin team would be lost without Helpers, Testers, Builders, and Advisors. These unique people give up their time just as much as the Immortals do to help make Aardwolf a fantastic game and a place many mudders call home.